Psychological Assesments are available from Dr. David Pingitore, The Assessment Doctor. Psychological assessment is the process of solving problems (answering questions) about your psychological functioning. During assessments, a variety of procedures are used to obtain clinical data to try and solve these problems.

What are Forensic and Clinical Neuropsychological Assessments?
Forensic assessment is the use of psychological science to answer medical-legal questions for a court. Clinical assessment involves testing to answer questions a patient may have about their psychological functioning.

Types of Assessment Services:

Psychological Assessment begins with you the patient, or a referring source (i.e., physician, attorney, school, etc.) presenting me with one or more questions that highlight the problems to be addressed. It also involves a collaborative approach between us in defining the problems, understanding the data that is obtained in the psychological assessment, and then deciding how to utilize that data to make changes in your life.

My assessment battery includes the most widely respected and used psychological and neuropsychological tests such as the Delis-Kaplan Executive Functioning System, Mattis Dementia Rating Scale, MMPI-2, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - IV , Wechsler Memory Scale-IV, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-III, and the Woodcock Johnson tests. I routinely include additional tests to offer a comprehensive assessment.

With the clinical data obtained during testing I compare your performance on these tests with samples of persons from the general and clinical populations. I also compare you with yourself. In other words, the psychological assessment data provides us with valuable information on issues such as your memory versus reasoning/judgement, emotional expressiveness versus thinking style, acute anxiety versus long term trauma, or attention versus learning abilities.

I produce a report for both you and the person or institution that may have provided the referral to me. This psychological assessment will help you determine what changes you need to make in your life, verify a diagnosis (if needed), treatment planning, and demonstrate accomodation status.



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